Show Betta BS0603-320 FREE Contest Entry

Show Betta BS0603-320 FREE Contest Entry

Welcome to Betta4U, your premium destination for exquisite bettas! Our Show Bettas collection showcases the epitome of aquatic beauty, and we’re thrilled to present the stunning show bettas for sale.

Elevate your aquatic experience with these vibrant and show-worthy bettas.

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This auction has ended

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Schedule for the BettaSnap Contest May 2024 Vol 2

Submit photo and video to TELEGRAM ( )in accordance with the stated rules.

  1. Grab your FREE tickets till 27 May 2024
  2. Submit your entry before 28 May 2024
  3. Watch Sharing & Discussion 1-4 June 2024
  4. Watch Live Results 29 May - 4 June 2024
  5. FB Likes for The Most Popular Award 1-4 June 2024

BettaSnap Contest Prizes

Awards for the Betta Snap Contest. This may be subject to change for improvement and your suggestions. Keep in touch for the latest updates.


  2. Solid Colour Long Fin Male 长尾单色雄鱼
  3. Pattern Colour Long Fin Male 长尾原图色雄鱼
  4. Combo AOC Pattern Long Fin Male 长尾新款图色雄鱼
  5. Form & Finnage Long Fin Male 长尾雄鱼公开组
  6. Solid Colour Short Fin Male 短尾单色雄鱼
  7. Pattern Colour Short Fin Male 短尾原图色雄鱼
  8. Combo AOC Pattern Short Fin Male 短尾新款图色雄鱼
  9. Form & Finnage Short fin Male 短尾雄鱼公开组
  10. Female 雌鱼公开组

GIVEAWAYS (Free Entry)

  1. Popular Entry - Most Liked on Facebook
  2. Task point collection

BettaSnap Contest FAQs

A1: BettaSnap is an online contest focused on capturing the beauty of Betta fish through the lens and also fish quality. Participants from around the world can submit their best Betta fish photographs for a chance to win prizes and recognition within the Betta enthusiast community.

A2: To participate, you need to grab an entry ticket from our website. Once you have the ticket, you can submit your Betta fish photographs during the contest period through the provided submission portal.

Apply your order number as your contest entry number.


You have ordered 1 entry ticket. The order number is 6757.

Shoot your fish a short video with a label 6757 (entry number) on the tank. Your entry will be disqualified if you fail to do so. This is to avoid fraud.


You have ordered 3 entry tickets. The order number is 6757. 

Same as above except your entry numbers are 6757-1, 6757-2 and 6757-3

A3: Contest dates, please check the official BettaSnap website or promotional materials for the most up-to-date information on contest dates. 

A4: Yes, detailed guidelines for photo submissions will be provided upon purchasing the entry ticket. Generally, photos should focus on Betta fish, adhere to ethical photography practices, and meet technical requirements outlined in the contest rules.

A5: Prizes may include cash rewards, Betta fish-related merchandise, and recognition within the BettaSnap community. Specific details about prizes for each contest will be announced closer to the event. It will be announced later. The sponsorship kicks in, it will enrich the prizes and classlist. 

A6: The BettaSnap Contest winners by the most voted entries. Criteria may include fish quality, creativity, composition, and adherence to the theme. The votes will be taken by invited judges.

A7: Absolutely! The BettaSnap Contest welcomes participants of all skill levels. Whether you're a professional photographer or a fish hobbyist, your unique perspective on Betta fish is valued.

A8: The BettaSnap Contest is open to participants of all ages. However, participants under 18 years of age may need parental consent to enter. Please check the contest rules for specific details.

A9: Follow our official social media accounts and regularly check the BettaSnap website for the latest updates, announcements, and contest-related information.

A10: For any issues or further inquiries, please contact our dedicated support team through the contact information provided on the BettaSnap website. We are here to assist you throughout the contest journey.

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