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Betta4U FAQs on Betta Keeping

We cover a wide variety of Betta fish species including Betta splendens, Betta imbellis, Betta mahachaiensis, and many more. We also delve into the different color patterns and fin types available.

Betta fish should be fed once or twice a day, providing only as much food as they can consume in about 2-3 minutes. Overfeeding can lead to health issues and a dirty tank.

Male Betta fish are highly territorial and should not be kept together, as they will likely fight. However, in larger tanks, multiple female Bettas (called a sorority) can coexist, but close observation is necessary to ensure there’s no aggression. Always research and ensure compatibility before housing multiple fish together.

While many people believe a small bowl is sufficient, Betta fish thrive in tanks that are 5 gallons or larger. This allows for proper filtration, stable water parameters, and enough space for the Betta to swim and explore.

Yes, Betta fish are tropical fish that require a stable water temperature between 76-80°F (24-27°C). A heater helps maintain this. A filter is also crucial as it keeps the water clean and free from harmful toxins.

Torn fins can be a result of various factors including fin rot, a bacterial infection, or physical injury from tank decorations or aggressive tank mates. It's essential to identify the cause and treat it accordingly.

A healthy Betta fish will have vibrant colors, clear eyes, and be active. They should also have a good appetite and display no signs of physical abnormalities like torn fins, spots, or bloating.

Yes. We sell Betta fish directly on and products that can enhance your Betta fish care.

We always welcome contributions from our community! If you have insights, experiences, or articles you'd like to share, please reach out to us through our contact page and Facebook page.

We arrange Betta shows, Betta discussions, workshops, and seminars.

I do write articles and some are available for free download. 

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BettaSnap Contest FAQs

A1: BettaSnap is an online contest focused on capturing the beauty of Betta fish through the lens and also fish quality. Participants from around the world can submit their best Betta fish photographs for a chance to win prizes and recognition within the Betta enthusiast community.

A2: To participate, you need to grab an entry ticket from our website. Once you have the ticket, you can submit your Betta fish photographs during the contest period through the provided submission portal.

Apply your order number as your contest entry number.


You have ordered 1 entry ticket. The order number is 6757.

Shoot your fish a short video with a label 6757 (entry number) on the tank. Your entry will be disqualified if you fail to do so. This is to avoid fraud.


You have ordered 3 entry tickets. The order number is 6757. 

Same as above except your entry numbers are 6757-1, 6757-2 and 6757-3

A3: Contest dates, please check the official BettaSnap website or promotional materials for the most up-to-date information on contest dates. 

A4: Yes, detailed guidelines for photo submissions will be provided upon purchasing the entry ticket. Generally, photos should focus on Betta fish, adhere to ethical photography practices, and meet technical requirements outlined in the contest rules.

A5: Prizes may include cash rewards, Betta fish-related merchandise, and recognition within the BettaSnap community. Specific details about prizes for each contest will be announced closer to the event. It will be announced later. The sponsorship kicks in, it will enrich the prizes and classlist. 

A6: The BettaSnap Contest winners by the most voted entries. Criteria may include fish quality, creativity, composition, and adherence to the theme. The votes will be taken by invited judges.

A7: Absolutely! The BettaSnap Contest welcomes participants of all skill levels. Whether you're a professional photographer or a fish hobbyist, your unique perspective on Betta fish is valued.

A8: The BettaSnap Contest is open to participants of all ages. However, participants under 18 years of age may need parental consent to enter. Please check the contest rules for specific details.

A9: Follow our official social media accounts and regularly check the BettaSnap website for the latest updates, announcements, and contest-related information.

A10: For any issues or further inquiries, please contact our dedicated support team through the contact information provided on the BettaSnap website. We are here to assist you throughout the contest journey.