Master the BettaSnap Online Contest 2024

BettaSnap Online Contest 2024 Guide

Welcome to BettaSnap Online Contest 2024, where your photography skills can shine! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, participating in BettaSnap is easy and rewarding. In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps to join this exciting contest and showcase your talent to the world.

Challenge the listed tasks

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Joining the BettaSnap Online Contest 2024 is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your photography skills, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and win exciting prizes. Follow these simple steps, unleash your creativity, and let your passion shine!

Note: Ensure that your photos comply with copyright laws and BettaSnap's terms and conditions before submitting them to the contest. Good luck, and happy snapping!

BettaSnap Contest Prizes

Awards for the Betta Snap Contest. This may be subject to change for improvement and your suggestions. Keep in touch for the latest updates.

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  2. Solid Colour Long Fin Male 长尾单色雄鱼
  3. Pattern Colour Long Fin Male 长尾原图色雄鱼
  4. Combo AOC Pattern Long Fin Male 长尾新款图色雄鱼
  5. Form & Finnage Long Fin Male 长尾雄鱼公开组
  6. Solid Colour Short Fin Male 短尾单色雄鱼
  7. Pattern Colour Short Fin Male 短尾原图色雄鱼
  8. Combo AOC Pattern Short Fin Male 短尾新款图色雄鱼
  9. Form & Finnage Short fin Male 短尾雄鱼公开组
  10. Female 雌鱼公开组

GIVEAWAYS (Free Entry)

  1. Popular Entry - Most Liked on Facebook
  2. Task point collection

Schedule for the BettaSnap Contest May 2024 Vol 2

Submit photo and video to TELEGRAM ( )in accordance with the stated rules.

  • Close Date: 28 May 2024 
  • Judging: 29 May 2024 to 3 June 2024
  • Official Contest Results: 5 June 2024

  1. Grab your FREE tickets till 27 May 2024
  2. Submit your entry before 28 May 2024
  3. Watch Sharing & Discussion 1-4 June 2024
  4. Watch Live Results 29 May - 4 June 2024
  5. FB Likes for The Most Popular Award 1-4 June 2024