Betta Education Sharing Team (BEST): Winning the IBC Area 6 Chapter of the Year 2023

IBC Chapter of the Year 2023

IBC Area 6 Chapter of the Year 2023

The journey towards Chapter of the Year…..Amid the uncertain climate of the MCO period, a ray of positivity emerged in the form of an enthusiastic group of young people. With time on their hands and a keen desire to learn and contribute, they came together under my guidance to explore the intriguing world of Betta fish. What began as a leisurely pursuit soon transformed into a driven team dedicated to Betta fish education, aptly named the Betta Education Sharing Team (BEST).

Joining the International Betta Congress (IBC) as a recognized chapter, BEST began its journey with a clear goal – to organize engaging activities and promote awareness about the captivating hobby of Betta fish keeping. Our aim was not just to foster a sense of community among hobbyists, but also to share knowledge and inspire a deeper appreciation for this fascinating creature.

As we navigated our way through the MCO period, we found solace and purpose in our shared passion. Together, we devised fun, educational activities that helped many hobbyists expand their understanding of Betta fish, all while enjoying the companionship of like-minded enthusiasts. In a short span of time, BEST became one of the most active chapters within the IBC, known for its lively engagement and commitment to Betta fish education.

2023 marked an exceptional year for BEST. Our hard work and dedication were recognized on a global platform when we were honored with the prestigious IBC Area 6 Chapter of the Year 2023 award. This accolade stands as a testament to our team’s efforts in consistently providing enriching and enjoyable experiences for Betta fish hobbyists.

Winning IBC Area 6 Chapter of the Year 2023 was not just an award for BEST; it was a recognition of the spirit of teamwork, the joy of learning, and the power of community. It underscored the importance of shared passion and dedication in achieving common goals. This award is a testament to the idea that when young minds come together with a shared purpose, remarkable things can be achieved.

Looking back, we see that BEST was more than just a group brought together by circumstance. It was a team built on a shared love for Betta fish, a desire to learn, and the commitment to spread this knowledge. Winning IBC Area 6 Chapter of the Year 2023 award is a significant milestone in our journey, one that motivates us to continue fostering a love for Betta fish among hobbyists and nurturing the next generation of Betta enthusiasts.

As we look to the future, we carry the honor of this award with us. It serves as a constant reminder of our beginnings, our journey, and the wonderful world of Betta fish that we continue to explore. The Betta Education Sharing Team remains committed to inspiring, teaching, and uniting Betta fish hobbyists, fostering a thriving community of enthusiasts driven by shared passion and purpose.

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