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Color Judging in Betta

A Revolution in Betta Beauty: Southeast Asia’s Fresh Approach to Color Judging! ✨🔍

New Color Judging

Greetings, Betta enthusiasts! 🐠

We’re beyond thrilled to share a groundbreaking evolution in the world of Betta competitions – the new Betta color judging criteria taking Southeast Asia by storm soon! 🌈

Color Judging in Betta

Historically, Betta beauty has been assessed through a myriad of factors like finnage, form, and overall health. However, in a refreshing turn of events, Southeast Asian Betta Enthusiasts have unveiled an innovative approach that places significant emphasis on COLOR! 🎨

🔵 New Color Judging, Why the shift?

Southeast Asia, the native home of Bettas, acknowledges the growing number of breathtaking color mutations being bred globally. This new criteria celebrates the vivid tapestry of hues, patterns, and iridescence that these magnificent creatures display.

New Color Judgment in Bettas
Galaxy Nemo HMPK

🔵 What’s new?

Judges will now utilize advanced color charts, ensuring the most precise, unbiased, and comprehensive assessment of every Betta’s unique color palette. This involves looking at the depth of color, the evenness of shade, and the brilliance of patterns.

Blending of Color Groups

🔵 Impacts on breeders & enthusiasts:

This innovative shift pushes the boundaries, encouraging breeders to explore a broader spectrum of color possibilities. For enthusiasts, it’s a visual treat – competitions now promise an even more dazzling array of Betta beauty.

🔵 Ethical considerations:

While color takes center stage, the well-being of the Betta remains paramount. The competition still strictly upholds all health and ethical standards, ensuring every Betta is vibrant not just in color but in health too.

As we celebrate this bold step in Betta competitions, we invite all of you to immerse yourself in this vibrant world. Stay tuned as we bring you glimpses from the upcoming contests, showcasing the splendor of Betta colors like never before! 🌟🐟

Share your thoughts, photos, and experiences with this new judging approach in the comments. Let’s dive deep into this colorful revolution together! 💬💖

🔵 Education and Workshops:

With this pioneering approach, we’re rolling out a series of workshops and seminars across Southeast Asia. These sessions aim to educate breeders, enthusiasts, and budding judges about the nuances of the new color judging criteria. From understanding color depth to recognizing patterns and iridescence, these workshops promise a deep dive into the vibrant world of Betta colors.

🔵 The Future of Betta Showcases:

This transformative shift is just the beginning. As we integrate this fresh perspective, anticipate an evolution of Betta showcases – more categories, more color combinations, and even thematic contests that celebrate the seasonal colors of Bettas.

🔵 Community’s Role:

This change is not just about competitions; it’s about building a community that cherishes and understands the rich tapestry of Betta colors. We urge every member to participate, share knowledge, and collaborate. Together, we can redefine the standards of Betta beauty, ensuring the fish we adore so much get the admiration and care they truly deserve.

🔵 Global Influence:

While the movement began in Southeast Asia, the heartland of Bettas, we believe this innovative judging approach will inspire global Betta competitions. It’s a testament to Southeast Asia’s legacy as a trailblazer in Betta breeding and showcases.

For all the breeders, enthusiasts, and Betta lovers, this is an exciting era. We’re not just spectators but active participants in a transformative chapter of the Betta community. Your insights, experiences, and feedback will shape this journey, making it holistic and inclusive.

Join us in this revolution, be it by attending a workshop, participating in the next competition, or simply sharing a photo of your radiant Betta with the community. Let’s together champion the true essence of Betta splendor, where every hue, every shimmer, and every pattern tells a story.

🔵 Betta Color Challenge: To make things even more exciting, we’re announcing the “Betta Color Challenge!” Capture the beauty of your Betta, emphasizing its unique colors, and share it using our designated hashtag  #BettaColorChallenge. Every week, we’ll feature the top fish photo every wekk, and at the end of the month, our community will vote for the ‘Betta Color Star.’ The winner gets a special feature on our page, and a surprise gift!

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