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Live Betta Fish: Salamander BF HMPK


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  • 4 months old
  • Male
  • Regular
  • Pattern fish

“Name Your Price” Live Betta Fish

Dive into the world of vibrant aquatics with our exquisite range of live betta fish. Known for their magnificent colors and graceful swimming patterns, bettas are the gems of any aquarium. Every betta from our collection boasts optimal health, radiant colors, and an active demeanor.

Why Choose Our Bettas?

  • Sourced Responsibly: We prioritize the well-being of our fish, ensuring they come from the most ethical and sustainable sources.
  • Vibrant Variety: From shimmering blues to fiery reds, find a spectrum of colors to fit any aquarium theme.
  • Optimal Health: Each fish undergoes a stringent health check to ensure you receive a lively, healthy betta.

Now introducing our “Name Your Price” feature! Understand the value and love every aquarist holds for their aquatic pets. We’re giving you the power to propose a price that aligns with your budget. Dive in, explore our collection, and make an offer that feels right to you!

How much do you think these aquatic beauties are worth? Let us know, and let’s find the perfect betta for your home.

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