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Fishy Bits Micropellets 1kg Original- Nutrient-Rich, High Protein, DHA Enhanced Food for Small Tropical Fish – Promotes Growth & Vibrant Coloration


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Introducing Fishy Bits Micropellets – the ultimate dietary solution for your small tropical fish! This superior-quality fish pellet has been scientifically formulated to ensure a perfectly balanced diet, packed with every nutritional component your aquatic pets need for optimal growth and development.

Fishy Bits / INVE NRD Close up
Fishy Bits / INVE NRD Close up

Fishy Bits Micropellets – Premium Quality

Our micropellets are more than just fish food. Each pellet is rich in high-quality digestible proteins, essential for supporting robust health and promoting the steady growth of your tropical fish. Enhanced with DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid known to support brain and eye health, Fishy Bits Micropellets not only boost the vitality of your fish but also enhance their cognitive well-being.

Additionally, the Fishy Bits Micropellet formula is infused with a blend of essential vitamins, designed to amplify your fish’s coloration and help them achieve their most vibrant and natural hues. This blend ensures your fish exhibit a lively, radiant appearance – an aesthetic treat for every aquarium enthusiast!

Switching your fish from live food to pellets has never been easier! Our Fish Bits Micropellets are imbued with a strong attractant, ensuring a high conversion success rate. They mimic the taste and smell of live food, making the transition seamless and stress-free for your aquatic friends.

Feeding guidelines are simple and clear. Provide Fishy Bits Micropellets to your fish numerous times a day, allowing a consumption period of no more than 3 minutes.

Any food not consumed within this time should be removed from the tank to prevent overfeeding, which can lead to water pollution and potential health problems for your fish.

Invest in Fishy Bits Micropellets today and give your small tropical fish a nutritionally complete, delicious, and growth-enhancing diet they’ll love!

Here’s why our products stand out:

Premium quality from a top benchmarked company. Founded and developed over 30 years, INVE companies are always at the forefront of producing food for all kinds of fish.

Along with the research of agricultural engineers and many successful tests, INVE launched nutrient-rich bran products to help fish grow faster and have a beautiful color. Researchers have applied outstanding steps in the production of special bran to help keep the water source clean in fish farming.

1. Uncompromising Quality: the highest-quality ingredients to create feeds that promote optimal growth, health, and productivity in your fish stocks.

2. Proven Performance: it has been benchmarked in the industry, providing you with the assurance that you’re utilizing fish pellets trusted and preferred by aquaculture professionals worldwide.

3. Tailored Selection: With two exceptional series to choose from, the NRD and O.RANGE, you have the flexibility to select the specific feed that aligns with your preference. Personally, I opt for NRD over O.RANGE as my fish like it a lot but water fouls faster.

4. Efficient Feed Conversion: Our advanced formulations and pellet design ensure excellent feed conversion ratios, translating into cost-effective production and minimal feed wastage.

5. Enhanced Disease Management: Our fish pellet feed includes specialized additives and natural ingredients that bolster immune system function and improve disease resistance, safeguarding the health and longevity of your fish populations.

Don’t compromise the nutrition and well-being of your fish. Trust INVE Aquaculture’s top-quality fish pellet feed to optimize growth, performance, and disease management in your aquaculture operations. Experience the difference today!


Feed numerous times a day. Allow the consumption period within 3 minutes and remove unfinished food after that. Overfeeding may pollute water and cause illness.

Close the lid & store it in a cold dry place (room temperature is ok). Keep out of direct sunlight.

  • Protein min 55%
  • Lipids 8%
  • Fibre 2%
  • Moisture 12%


Marine proteins, plant proteins, fish oils, lecithin, yeasts, algae, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotic bacteria.

Size: 0.3mm

Net weight: 1000g / 1kg

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