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Class color Guideline hybrid Plakat.

What is HYBRID PLAKAT? A completely new class. The Hybrid Class will encapsulate all hybridized Wild Form show plakat. They include all forms of B.Splenden, B.Mahachai, B.Smaragdina, B.Imbellis, B.Siamorientalis, and cross-bred variations of wild form type hybrids. The guideline for this class is: Preserves the splender line wild body shape. Tail should at maximum be 180 […]

Genomic consequences of domestication of the Siamese fighting fish

Abstract Siamese fighting (betta) fish are among the most popular and morphologically diverse pet fish, but the genetic bases of their domestication and phenotypic diversification are largely unknown. We assembled de novo the genome of a wild Betta splendens and whole-genome sequenced 98 individuals across five closely related species. We find evidence of bidirectional hybridization between domesticated […]