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Fishy Bits 0.3mm @ 1kg

This pellet is rich in protein and essential nutrition for healthy growth in small tropical fish, fish larvae and juveniles. Strong attractant enhances conversion success for fish on live food diet to pellets. Feed 2 to 3 times daily according to fish age and fish density. 5-10% live body weight per day in multiple rations. Allow consumption within three minutes and remove the unfinished food after that. Please note that over-feeding can cause illness.

Protein 60%, Oil 9%, Fiber 1.9%, Ash 8%.

Size: 0.3mm

Storage recommendation: Store in dry place [max. 25ºC]. For optimal storage, refrigeration [4ºC] is advised. Oxygen absorber included.

Ingredients: Marine proteins, cereal meals, plant proteins, fish oil, lecithin, yeasts, algae, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants


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