Marketplace Menu – Seller

Seller/Customer Login

user can register himself as a customer or a seller. To do so the user taps on the Account drop-down option to select Register

This brings up the registration page where the user can register as a customer or a seller. To register as a seller, the user needs to select the option Become a Seller ? as ‘Yes‘ else to become a customer keep the option selected as ‘No‘.

Customer can change his mind later and register as a seller later.

AquaMarket – Seller Panel

The seller can enter his credentials to login to his account panel.

After login, the seller will see a pop-up window displaying the most viewed products along with the total number of views and their model number.

After the user has been approved as a seller then the Seller Block will display in the account section.

Let’s go through each of the menu options within the SELLER BLOCK panel.

My Profile Under this section, there are 3 tabs –

  • Profile Details
  • Payment Mode
  • Achievement

Profile Details

The seller can add the details about himself and his shop under the profile details tab.

Payment Mode

Under this tab, the seller can add their bank account or PayPal ID. The PayPal email ID will be validated through PayPal API. If an incorrect PayPal ID is entered, an error will appear.


Under this section, the seller can easily upload the achievements of their company by uploading a PDF document. After uploading the file, the seller can view the uploaded file by tapping the View button under the action column. To update, replace the last file that was uploaded with a new one.

After adding an achievement, the seller can tap the View button under the Action column to view the achievements.

The uploaded achievements can be accessed by the customers via the seller’s profile page. Just below the section where the customers can see the seller’s profile details like – namephone number, and the email address, the Achievement button is seen.

Tapping the Achievement button, opens the achievement PDF file that was uploaded by the seller and the customer can go through the achievements that the seller’s company has achieved.

Here, on the profile page the customers will be able to search for a particular seller’s products easily.


Under this section, the sellers gets the options that were only available to the admin earlier. Now, the seller can check all these options by navigating to his My Profile menu option and then tapping the configuration button.

Seller Public Profile 

After entering all the details under the Profile Details tab, the seller’s profile page appears as shown below in the snapshot.


The sellers can make use of their dashboard to quickly have a track of their total orderssalesbuyerssales analyticslow stock productsworld map with total sales matrix. The sellers will also be able to track their latest orders.