Nett weight: 425g in sealed can. Gross weight at about 580g

INVE GSL Artemia Cysts have been harvested at the Great Salt Lake of Utah in US. 

INVE conducts a full quality assessment where each harvest is subjected to extensive fingerprinting to identify all important characteristics and parameters such as hatching/enrichment kinetics, decapsulation, separation, contamination, fatty acid profile, biometrics. Therefore, the utmost care in selecting the finest batches of cyst and guarantees optimal quality through a strict quality control procedure prior to market release.

This process allows us to offer you the high quality Artemia cysts with the following characteristics:

  • Consistent quality and a certified output
  • Simultaneous hatching behavior
  • High enrichment levels

1: Tank preparation

  • Use a clean tank with a conical shaped bottom
  • Mount open tubes near the bottom of the tank
  • Install a light source over the top of the tank
  • Fill with filtered seawater of salinity 25-35ppt.
  • If necessary disinfect the water.

2. Optimal Hatching Conditions

  • Temperature 28-30 ̊C
  • Aeration: Vigorous enough to keep cysts in suspension
  • pH: 8.0- 8.5 (can be increased with baking soda)
  • Illumination: 2000lux at water surface
  • Add up to 2.5g of cysts per liter water

3. Hatching And Harvest

  • With hatching conditions kept close to optimal the hatching will be completed within 24 hours.
  • Stop Aeration
  • Cover top of the tank
  • After 15 minutes drain or siphon the nauplii out of the cone tip
  • Wait 15 more minutes and harvest the remaining nauplii

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INVE Premium GSL Artemia Cyst (Full Sealed Can)

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